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CSM to the rescue

I have an older Mac laptop and encounter numerous difficulties with all manner of computer logistics, in addition to having an old Mac laptop. With the tremendous increased dependency on IT programs during the pandemic, including virtual medical appointments, classes, having to work from home, etc., I was so fortunate to have connected with Matt Godfrey of CSM.

Matt was able to quickly identify complex issues regarding Apps that I had never previously heard of, much less, could explain or begin to install and use. Matt resolved the 2 year mystery of why all my Pages & Word documents were “corrupted”, and fixed the problem within seconds, and long after I had paid another IT “expert” hundreds of dollars, without success. Furthermore, he did all of this remotely.

Matt has the patience of Jobe and his focus on resolving the problems at hand remains undeterred by my hysterics, confusion and embarrassment about my dearth of knowledge regarding computers in general. I am so grateful for Matt’s dedication to those of us in need of his exceptional depth and breath of IT expertise.