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Computer Support Marin is an independently owned and operated technology services firm. I have been serving residents of Marin County, the Greater Bay Area and beyond for over twenty years.

A Marin County native, my interest in technology started in the early eighties. It began with a strong interest in computers, animation, automation, and low voltage electronics. Those early interests have driven my creativity and career in this field and helped keep me well informed.

I’m excited about where technology is today and where it’s headed. I love to help others discover, enjoy and benefit from its charms. I also know how important it is to keep them and their families informed and protected, as much as possible from its dangers.

If you are interested in what my clients have to say about me, please see my testimonials page.

Thank you for visiting!

Matt Godfrey

Matt Godfrey Owner of Computer Support Marin

The best of the best

I have never worked with anyone who was more capable at what he does than Matt. What makes him exceptional is his overall demeanor and patience. My husband and I are grateful to have Matt in our lives.

Carla Berman
Sausalito, CA

Can’t say enough!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Computer Support Marin! Matt has been unbelievable in regards to keeping the technology in my business up and running. He has explained everything he’s done or is doing, so it’s easy for a guy like me to follow along. His patience, abilities and meticulous attention to detail have made me extremely

Rebel Lee
Silver Peso | Larkspur, CA

He’s a technical wizard!

This testimonial is to introduce you to Matt Godfrey, the best computer technician you will ever encounter. Matt has helped me over the last several years with all kinds of challenging and technical issues, from Roku to Netflix, to the iPhone, iWatch, and last but by no means least, the computer. He’s a technical wizard

Judith C.
Peacock Gap, CA

Matt is the greatest!

Matt has helped me out with my computer, iPhone, and TV. He always seems to be available, and always know how to solve my problem. Because he is a teacher, he never makes me feel stupid and increases my understanding of electronics every time I talk to him. He makes house calls and provides phone

Megan Lehmer
San Francisco, CA

Computer Support Marin Extraordinaire…

Look no further for your “Go-To” Tech. When your computer develops a small glitch or a major problem… Call Matt at Computer Support Marin! He is honest, experienced, highly knowledgeable, and patient. Best of all, he is able to translate computerese into a language I can understand. Many times, Matt can fix your computer issues

Susan Collins
Phoenix, Airizona

Absolutely Recommended

I have had the pleasure of working with Matt Godfrey in person and via phone for many years. In addition to being knowledgeable, hard-working, excellent at researching thorny issues, and skillful navigating labyrinthian ‘back channels,’ Matt has a steady and patient manner about him (mixed with some timely wry humor) which makes him very easy

Marcus Smith
London, England

Re: Computer Support Marin…

We have known and worked with Matt for years and he has helped us with suggesting the purchase of two computers as well as servicing them for years. As senior citizens, we are not as tech-savvy as the younger generation is. When we need help with our computer issues we call Matt and he always

Julie Ann Belli
Larkspur, CA

Responds to my pleas for “help” in a timely manner…

Computer Support Marin, ie, Matt Godfrey – I cannot recommend Matt more highly. He not only responds to my pleas for “help” in a timely manner but does it with a smile and expertise. And, important to we members of the “senior” generation, Matt always shows great patience with the simplest of their technical

Nancy G. Johnson
San Rafael, CA

CSM to the rescue

I have an older Mac laptop and encounter numerous difficulties with all manner of computer logistics, in addition to having an old Mac laptop. With the tremendous increased dependency on IT programs during the pandemic, including virtual medical appointments, classes, having to work from home, etc., I was so fortunate to have connected with Matt

Diane P.
San Anselmo

A reliable source for Repair, Improvements and Training on both PC and Mac Computers …

I have been using Matt ‘Computer Support Marin’ for over 20 years now with my personal computers and on the business computers, I rely on at my company Video Projections. He is always quick to respond back, yet takes the time to really listen. Even when I think I know what my issue is…Matt starts with

Mark Corkum
Video Projections | Boca Raton, Florida

Expert in His Field…

Matt has been helping my husband and me through the death of our old iMac to the purchase of a new and improved version. He is very knowledgeable and solicitous and prompt and pleasant. We highly recommend Matt as our “go-to” guy when we need help. You will not be

Carol Tombs
Peacock Gap, CA

I recommend Matt…

Matt is great! He has done quick fixes and set new computers up for me, both PC and Mac. He explains things so I understand. He has made recommendations that have been very helpful. Matt is the man to call for computer

Jody Short
San Rafael, CA

I have total confidence in Matt’s advice and direction…

Matt Godfrey, owner, and CEO of Computer Support Marin has assisted me with technical help when I was completely stymied while navigating my computer. I value his input and knowledge in assisting me with the many technical problems that I have had during the past few years. One time I had unwittingly allowed some scam

Norman L. Gale
Bodega Bay, CA

Highly Recommended…

Being computer challenged, I have known and used Matt’s technology expertise for many years! Always pleasant, he explained things so I could understand and took care of whatever tech issue my Mac was going through…. on time and reasonably. I have highly recommended his support to anyone needing one on one service. I believe in

Dorothy Jones
Mill Valley, CA

Computer Support Marin is “the best!”

For almost ten years, Matt Godfrey at Computer Support Marin has been helping us at Santa Sabina Center with a full range of technological needs. He has set up all of our office computers, helped us network our systems where needed, planned and implemented routing internet signals throughout our facility and continued to be our

Margaret Diener, OP
Santa Sabina Center | San Rafael

We have been very pleased…

We have been working with Matt Godfrey, aka Computer Support Marin, for many years and we have been very pleased with his help in solving our technical problems with our computers, iPhones, and iPads. Matt is very knowledgeable, patient, takes great pride in his work, is reliable, responds rapidly to our requests for assistance, and his

Don and Pat Leisey
Peacock Gap, CA

The Right Prescription…

Computer Support Marin has literally saved my life on a number of occasions. Noteworthy is Matt’s patience and ability to diagnose and prescribe in lay person’s terms… as is his timely response to my “911” calls. As a retired teacher, I give him an A+

Godie J. Gale
Bodega Bay, CA

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