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Computer Backup Plans

Two of the toughest things that I have to tell customers that haven’t set up proper Computer Backup Plans are:

When they’ve experienced Hard Drive Failure… “We’re going to need to start over”

When they’ve become a victim of Ransomware… “I’m sorry to say but you’ll need to pay the Ransom to get out of this one”

Fortunately, both of these scenarios are preventable and painless if you have a solid backup plan, see my article: Have A Backup Plan for a more in-depth explanation of this. Part of that backup plan is using a local, external Hard drive to back up your files. The other part of the plan should include a remote, offsite backup of your data to the cloud…  and the remote cloud backup plans that I recommend are:

Billed Monthly or Annually
$6.00 Per Month or $60.00 Per Year Purchased Annually
Get Backblaze!
Billed Annually
$6.00 Per Month Billed Annually
Get Carbonite!